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Posted on 25 February 2019

Never far from the top of the tree on Football INDEX, Paul Pogba has followed up becoming the second player to reach the incredible heights of £20, by becoming the first to trade at £21 on the platform.

Following on from Neymar hitting the momentous £20 landmark price recently, Pogba has not only matched the Brazilian superstar, but now surpassed him.

Pogba at the time of writing has reached a peak value of £21.19. With Neymar steadily recovering from his injury price drop, Pogba currently has a gap of roughly 30p ahead of the Brazilian.

So let's celebrate this amazing achievement for both Pogba and indeed Football INDEX themselves and look at some of the reasons for Pogba's value and his future prospects on the Index.

If there's one man to thank for the surge in Paul Pogba, it's probably former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho. Playing under the Portuguese manager, Pogba was undoubtedly stifled in his style of play. This led to sub-par performances and a seemingly very unhappy player.

Enter Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

If any proof were needed that Mourinho was bringing down United, Solskjaer has provided it. Turning United into a club devoid of motivation and happiness to one brimming with confidence and optimism. And amongst those, Paul Pogba has benefitted immensely.

Indeed, we only need to look at a comparison from roughly 5 months ago when we celebrated Pogba reaching another landmark, with his 100th Media Buzz win. Back then he only had one Match Day score above 200 and a top 5 average of 192.4.

Fast forward to today and that top 5 average has rocketed to 259.6 and includes a monster score of 305.

Those scores have contributed to a further 3 Star Player and 3 Top Midfielder wins. With currently 4 Star Player awards this season, only Lionel Messi is above him with 5 thanks to his amazing run of recent form.

Traditionally, Pogba has always been seen as a Media beast, so adding in a genuine Performance aspect to his Football INDEX game has undoubtedly been a huge factor in his rise to £21.

But let's not forget about his Media returns.

Again, if we compare to his numbers at the start of Octover after racking up his 100th Media Buzz 1st place win, he's already added another 29 since. This has given a win since then at roughly every 5.06 days. Considering his overall average up to that point was double that, it shows how relentless Pogba is when it comes to regularly bringing home the dividends.

With United pushing for a top 4 spot and Pogba likely to be a key player in that battle, you would have to think there's plenty more Media returns on the horizon between now and the season climax.

Indeed, a great example of Pogba's media draw can be shown from his 1st place win on 24 February. With two key fixtures taking place that day: Manchester United v Liverpool and the Carabao League Cup Final between Manchester City and Chelsea.

With United and Liverpool ending in a 0-0 stalemate, the game was mostly dominated on the pitch by the plethora of injuries picked up by United including most notable Jesse Lingard who came on as a substitute and had to be subbed due to injury. Marcus Rashford also played the entire game with an apparent injury. Meanwhile Liverpool's attacking players, in particular Mo Salah failed to perform.

Over at Wembley, another goalless draw saw the cup decided on penalties with a very high profile incident involving Chelsea keeper Kepa and manager Sarri (although it should be noted Kepa would not be eligible for Media dividends due to not being in the top 200) . Not to mention prominent English forward Raheem Sterling being the one to smash home the winning penalty.

Many would presume it to be one of those players mentioned who would claim Media top place, but nope, it was that man Paul Pogba who claimed a relatively comfortable win by 70 points to Eden Hazard!

Finally, we must mention the upcoming Share Split as another undeniable reason for Pogba's £21 price tag. With the price of players like Pogba and Neymar at such lofty heights being a key reason for the share split, it's no surprise that traders are piling into him in the anticipation of new investors eagerly buying at the 'cheaper' price post share split.

With all of these reasons combined, it's no real surprise that Pogba has powered his way to the peak of the Index once again.


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