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Posted on 16 April 2019

Last week we speculated over what Football INDEX could potentially have in mind for their teased summer promotions, offers and bonuses. You can take a look at our predictions in the link below.

Football INDEX Summer Promotions Predictions

But now we have full confirmation of all the promotions, so let's run through them and give our thoughts.

We initially speculated that there might be a deposit bonus, but instead Football INDEX have delivered a 'Summer Trading Bonus'. This will initially offer traders a cash bonus worth 10% of their Net Buys during the period of 15 April until 31 April 2019. Even better, this has been slightly backdated to midday on the 15th to include all of your buys made earlier in the afternoon.

The offer is then split into 'Part 2', as from midnight on 1 May 2019 until 23:59:59 on 30 June 2019 (now updated, see below note), you will receive a 5% cash bonus on your total Net Buys during this period.

During Part 1 of the promotion, you can earn up to £1000, which would equal a total Net Spend of £10,000.

During Part 2 of the promotion, you can earn up to £2000, giving an overall total Summer Trading Bonus of up to £3000.

*UPDATE* The Summer Trading Bonus has now been updated to include a third part, which we are now within. Part 2 of the bonus period was cut short to end at 11:59:59 on 21 May, with the new Part 3 beginning at 12:00:00 on 21 May.

Part 3 sees a return to the 10% bonus but this time traders can earn up to £2000 bonus - double that of the initial 10% Part 1 trading period!

This announcement has already seen a huge boost to the market, with traders looking to cash in during the remainder of April for the juicy 10% bonus. With the prolonged second period, we would expect to see traders looking to continue spending in order to rack up a nice bonus to start the off the new season.

Traders will need to opt in to the offer and they can do so using the link below:

Football INDEX Summer Promotions and Bonuses Opt In

It should also be noted that if you opt in to Part 1, you will automatically be entered into Part 2. It also doesn't matter when you opt in - even if you do so on 31 April, you will still be entitled to the full Part 1 promotion period. However, if you opt in after Part 1 has ended, you will only be eligible for Part 2, so we'd advise against leaving it too late and risk forgetting!

You can also withdraw during the promotion periods too, which is good to know as previous Deposit Bonus promotions did not allow this.

Football INDEX have provided a simple graphic seen below that illustrates how your bonus is calculated (updated version shown).

Football INDEX have also confirmed the much speculated Media Madness promotion, which will see dividends paid out on the top 5 Media Ranking players during the period of 1 June to 31 July 2019 - a whole two months!

This will see dividends paid out as 3p for 1st place, 2p for 2nd place and 1p for each of 3rd, 4th and 5th places. This means that Media Dividends will increase overall by 33% during the promotional period!

Again, we think this is a very smart move by Football INDEX and will certainly help stimulate the market as traders look to jump on players linked with transfers, or simply just Paul Pogba and his latest hair cut!

Overall, we're very happy with the announcements made by Football INDEX. The Trading Bonus is a great idea and should hopefully be a lot more stable than the previous Deposit Bonus as traders would often wait for their bonus and then pull out a large chunk of money.

And as we've already said, the Media Madness is almost a no-brainer due to the lack of big international competitions, Media will have to be the main focus of traders during the summer months.

Just don't forget to opt in to the Trading Bonus if you haven't done so already!


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