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Posted on 26 February 2019

Hi everyone! My name is FILuigi and thanks to Footy Index Scout, I’m looking forward to sharing my Football Index journey with you. Through this blog, I’m going to provide weekly updates where I’ll share every trade I make with you, as well as providing my reasonings for them and my thoughts on the market in general. First off though, a little introduction to who I am and what led me here.

About Me…

I’m a university graduate from Greater London. Throughout university I’ve worked as hard as I can to not work at all. The 9-5 life just isn’t for me so in first year I tried doing every odd job I could to prevent actually having a part time job, from leafleting to mystery shopping. Towards the end of my first year I discovered matched betting through an article on savethestudent and from there I became hooked to all things sport. Before matched betting I’d never actually bothered to sit through an entire game of football, yet suddenly there I was massively caring about whether or not Kane would be able to bang one in and earn me a £10 free bet. All good things come to an end however and as the gubbings started to mount up and the bookies got tighter, I started looking for other ways of earning an income, which led me to Football Index (For the first time).

Journey so far…

I’d actually joined FI back in early 2017, but at the time I had no idea what drove the market and made a bunch of random purchases, including Griezmann, Benzema and Messi (For £1.99!) I didn’t see the site as a potential moneymaker back then, rather just a novel way to make football more interesting, so I just left the £50 I had deposited in there and forgot about the site until August 2018, where I realised that the stocks I had invested in had not only rocketed in price, but had also earned me around £20 in dividends, money gained for doing nothing but having faith in those players! In October 2018 I started taking FI seriously and I haven’t looked back since then!

I’ve had a variety of ups and downs so far, but I’m lucky enough to be making all of my mistakes in such a booming market, I understand that once we reach market cap any mistakes that I do make will be punished a lot more, but I reckon by then I’ll have a suitable enough portfolio that’ll allow me to rely on dividends rather than capital appreciation. In the meantime I’m aiming to soak up as much information as possible by reading forums, twitter, groups and frequently analysing the market and making my own (hopefully informed) assumptions. I’ve got a long way to go until I can consider myself good at this, but in my opinion this is one of the most entertaining ways to earn a passive income out there!

BEST TRADE- I consider myself a ‘contrarian’ trader. One man’s trash truly is another man’s gold for me. I try to take advantage of traders panicking on a player for any reason be it injury, falling out of favour with the manager, or being out of form. Because of this whenever I see holds in my portfolio, my first reaction is to top up on them. Time will tell if I’m shooting myself in the foot by doing that, but my best trade has came out of this style of trading. In December when it was announced Mourinho was leaving United, Pogba’s price started dropping as traders panicked about whether or not he’d return dividends anymore, as many were anticipating him to pick up lots of media buzz through the drama with Mourinho. Whilst others sold Pogba, I decided to top up and make him the biggest hold in my portfolio, and when OGS came in and his form rocketed, my decision was rewarded with him becoming the highest priced player on the Index. He is by far my biggest profit on a trade and I don’t think that’ll change any time soon!

WORST TRADE- On the other hand, I’ve been caught up in the hype of a player way too late a few times on FI. The worst example of this was buying a few futures in Allison after he had moved to Liverpool. Once it was all confirmed his price plummeted and I ended up around £1 Per share down because I got on far too late. I didn’t learn from this either as recently I bought some Kimmich when he was at his peak price based on getting caught up in the hype of dividends he was returning a month too late, only for him to move back into his original position which caused his price to plummet. As it stands I’m now £1.74 per share down on him, but I intend to keep him in my portfolio as I still have faith in him as an amazing FI defender, so there’s still hope for that trade yet!

Portfolio Today…

As things stand right now, my portfolio looks like this:

Plan going forward…

I have 2 primary aims. The first one is to have £10,000 invested into the index. I currently have £4700 invested into the index and I hope to have achieved this by the end of 2019. More immediately, as the summer approaches I’m looking to offload some of my Performance Buzz centric players in favour of players I believe will pick up a lot of Media Buzz over the summer (primarily through transfer gossip), whilst reinvesting in those PB players in July. With the share split coming at the end of March I hope to offload my players in the hype around then. In this time I’m also looking to improve my football knowledge. Before FI I only had a decent knowledge of the Premier League so I’m hoping to expand my knowledge into the other European leagues so I can understand which players in those leagues are undervalued before other traders do, that is after all the aim of the game 😉. Overall though I’m looking forward to the journey, and I look forward to sharing it with you- I’m aiming to provide an update every Monday, so I’ll see you again then!

We would like to thank FILuigi for agreeing to share his Football Index journey with us and look forward to seeing his progress. We hope that other relatively new traders will find his experiences beneficial and will serve as a valuable resource when weighing up reasons to buy, sell or hold a player under consideration. You can find FILuigi on the excellent Football Index forums: