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Posted on 22 April 2019

Hello again! Another reshuffling of my portfolio, so let’s jump straight into it!




As you can tell there hasn’t been any huge development in my portfolio. Lacazette’s sell has been planned since the beginning of April as he was nearing the expiry date of IPD’S, whilst Neymar’s sell was queued in order to reinvest in other players that I saw more capital appreciation potential in.

It would be quite a short blog if I left it here though, so I thought I’d do something different this week - Football Index doesn’t always provide you with winners, and I have a few players that I’m majorly down on, so I’m going to cover the 5 biggest losses in my portfolio and try to explain to you (and myself) why I still have them!

JOSHUA KIMMICH - 60 Futures, LOSS = £40.80

Kimmich is by far the biggest loss in my portfolio, and one of my worst trades timing wise as I bought him near his very peak in December when he was playing out of position and scoring goals because of it. Since then his form has dipped as he’s reverted to his usual position and the market has reacted unfavourably to that.

With the Summer coming up and him having next to no transfer links away from Bayern, traders are seeing little point in keeping him over the summer.

Why am I keeping him? As well as being my biggest loss, I view Kimmich as one of my biggest opportunities on the Index. He is still a very good PB player and I have a lot of faith in him scooping up a few dividends next year even in his current position. He’s only 24 too, meaning there’s no risk of him suddenly going to China!

As it is there would be no point in selling him off at such a loss if I still believe in him, so I intend to invest more over the summer when his price drops further in order to bring his overall price in my portfolio down. From there, I’m hoping that he’ll remind everyone why he was so overhyped in the first place.

For now though he serves as a reminder to be wary of purchasing a player that’s recently received a huge rise, as if I was smarter with the trade I’d be able to have traded out for a profit and reinvested the money in a dividend earner over the summer rather than letting it sit there.

PACO ALCACER - 110 Futures, LOSS = £15.40

Alcacer is a player I bought when Dortmund where rocking the Bundesliga, as I wanted to incorporate an attacking option from them that wasn’t Sancho or Pulisic. Since then, he hasn’t particularly impressed and has only played around 50 minutes on average per game. I’ve kept topping up on drops, yet he keeps dropping.

Why am I keeping him? With Sancho getting plenty of speculation and Pulisic confirmed to be at Chelsea next season, I don’t see Alcacer moving. Instead, I believe he’ll become more of a focal point for the team, so similar to Kimmich he’s one I’ll be looking to hold into the next season as someone who will occasionally challenge for top forward.

On the contrary though, he’ll need more game time in order to achieve that potential, and in honesty I had thought I’d have sold him on the back of some positive performances by now as opposed to repeatedly topping up on drops.

ANTOINE GRIEZMANN - 60 Futures, LOSS = £13.80

Completely ignoring the lesson I learned with Kimmich, I bought Griezmann on the back of some gossip only for him to drop like a stone since. A strong PB and MB presence, he’s a reliable player for a portfolio, though his age is a concern in the current market.

Why am I keeping him? Griezmann is a player that likes stirring the pot, so I anticipate that there will be at least a few rumours swirling about over the summer about him departing from Atletico. Saying that, I think they would be stupid to let him go, so they will probably make leaving difficult.

That coupled with the fact that despite all the chat he has remained loyal to them makes Griezmann a player I’m looking to sell for a mild profit, not a 3 year hold.

SUSO - 120 Futures, LOSS = £12

Suso is somebody I bought on the back of a few dividend wins (notice the pattern of buying on a high) - I thought he would keep up that fantastic form but he’s been relatively quiet since earlier in the season, and there aren’t too many transfer links to hold his price up over the summer.

Why am I keeping him? I still believe he’s a very strong PB player and is at an age where he could move to a more MB friendly club (perhaps even the Premier League?) - You hold players on FI for 3 years, and Suso is a player I anticipate has a good few years ahead of him.

All he needs to do is come into a purple patch for traders to jump back onto him, though I’m looking to reap dividends off him rather than sell him. If he has another quiet season or 2 I’ll accept defeat on this trade, but it’s a bet I’m willing to take.

LUKE SHAW - 80 Futures, LOSS = £11.20

Shaw is a player I bought towards the beginning of my FI journey, as a young English player playing in the most MB attractive team on FI, I thought this was a sure thing, unfortunately I was wrong. United’s defensive woes this season have made Shaw look unimpressive in FI terms, and his main media pull (Spats with Mourinho) have disappeared along with Mourinho.

Why am I keeping him? In honesty, I’m willing to take the hit on Shaw, so I’ve listed all my shares in him for market sale. Despite the positives he has going for him, I don’t see him challenging for PB dividends with the amount of quality defenders on FI (he’d probably need a goal to really challenge, and he’s only had 1 goal in the league this season!) - along with that, there is limited MB pull unless OGS also wants to oust him, meaning he’s more likely to continue leaking money in my portfolio instead of having his price recover.

And that’s all for this week! It felt good to re-evaluate the biggest losses in my portfolio and remind myself why I hold them rather than getting disheartened at the blue in my port! As an aside, I’m ecstatic about the Summer promotion, top 5 media payouts after the end of the season should be very good for me with the way my portfolio’s setup, and the sharp rises in player’s prices reflects that - I’m almost more excited for the post season than I am the rest of the current season, thanks FI!

Invested: £6300

Worth: £8341.20