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Posted on 15 April 2019

Hello again! A week of steady rises for my portfolio with the multitude of treble PB days throughout the week, and another £200 DEPOSITED to further prepare myself for the Summer. Let’s get straight on to what I’ve done!


At the beginning of the week I listed 5 of my Rashford, Neymar and Sterling however I’ve only managed to sell STERLING x5 to the market. These are all expensive players who currently don’t have too many prospects over the Summer, so I’m happy to sell a few to free up funds elsewhere.


As per usual I’ve done a load of random top-ups, purchasing FIRMINO x5, DIGNE x5, MADDISON x5, ISCO x5. SHAW x5, ERIKSEN x10, And BRANDT x5. Along with these I’ve made 4 additions to my portfolio.

As I covered last week, I’ve purchased JAMES RODRIGUEZ x20 in order to ensure I have a hold on him going into the summer, I don’t anticipate his price dropping too much over the summer and if it does that will just present an opportunity to top-up as I’m more than happy to hold him at Bayern next season.

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I also named Gabriel Jesus as a potential target but I want to wait until the preseason to purchase him, so instead I’ve purchased LORENZO INSIGNE x50. Insigne is a strong performance player who has reportedly been feeling frustrated at Napoli, again he’s a player that is a ‘win/win’ to me as if he doesn’t get a move over the summer he’s a strong enough player to challenge a few times in a top Italian team next season.

I’ve also purchased FLORAIN THAUVIN x20 off the back of his controversial post match interview where he called out his teammates.

If Marseille fail to qualify for Europe in any capacity I believe he’ll push for a move away, so this is essentially a bet on Marseille not finishing the season well, though they’re currently only 2 points off qualifying for the Europa league. He is also a player who should be entering his prime next season, so a move to a more dominant team would be optimal for challenges next season.

Finally, I’ve purchased SERGEJ MILINKOVIC-SAVIC x50. Whilst he’s not a strong performance player, he is a cheap player that has quite a high chance of moving to a different club next season. At 24 he has plenty of time to develop as a player, though if a high profile move does occur I’ll probably seek to sell him on the high of a move.


And those are the changes I’ve made! As I’m typing the Summer bonus announcement scheduled for tonight hasn’t occurred, so to have some last minute speculation I believe FI will implement some sort of short term boost to media dividends for shares bought within the first 30 days similar to IPD’s, this way will encourage more short term trading over the summer rather than FI haemorrhaging money from huge portfolios with many players raking in MB with no incentive to sell players and provide FI with commission.

As we approach the end of the season I reckon my portfolio’s going to get a lot more hectic with sudden rises and drops, I just have to hope the players in my portfolio have fantastic final games to put themselves on the shop window for the transfer window! (An example is Nicolas Pepe, who has shot up 27p in the last day for an amazing game in a 5-1 Win against PSG!)

Invested: £6200

Worth: £7829.16