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Posted on 08 April 2019

Bonjour! It’s unfortunately not been a great week on the index, with the market calming down after a crazy share split period. I haven’t deposited any extra over the last week, instead opting to make a few shifts around within my portfolio.


I’ve decided to sell LACAZETTE x50 and RUBEN LOFTUS CHEEK x50. Whilst Arsenal still have a lot of games left within April, I ‘got in’ on Lacazette fairly early and decided to cash out on some of the capital appreciation. I still hold 50 shares but I’m hoping for another favourable performance from him to sell off on as after the hectic April period I’ll be left with a late 20s player with limited prospects going into the transfer window, not a favourable hold in the current market.

I also chose to sell of 50/100 of my Loftus Cheek shares off the back of a great midweek performance from him. I’m de-risking as I want to hold him for next season as I think he’ll be a vital player for Chelsea next season (If the transfer ban occurs), and has some chances to shine in the Europa league, but I also wanted to use some short term profit to reinvest for players I think will have some media over the summer.


All my buys are top ups into players I already own, with the main purchase being DYBALA x30. With Ronaldo and Kean so prominent at Juventus and hints of a potential move to United, I want to have a strong hold on him in the summer as even if the move doesn’t come off, the media potential of United makes him a stable hold over the summer, and he’s a strong enough player that I’d be happy to hold him next season, even if he does play more of a second fiddle to Ronaldo.

Outside of Dybala, I’ve topped up on COUTINHO x15, ERIKSEN x15, ICARDI x5, And ALCACER x5. Not huge increases, and all players I think will have some speculation in the Summer.

As there hasn’t been a lot of movement in my portfolio this week, I’ll provide another few players I’ll be looking to get on over the next month or so:


I want to invest in Gabriel for a few reasons. As fantastic as Aguero is, in the coming seasons his time spent in the first team will diminish, and whilst City will most likely buy another striker when Aguero’s time is up, Jesus will benefit from having more time in the team. He is also a player that has won PB a few times, so I could look to him for the occasional dividend return for when the market eventually matures into being more about dividends than capital appreciation.

Along with that, the Copa America is the only big footballing event (Other than a few Nations league games) occurring over the Summer, and although it will be difficult for Gabriel to break into the Brazil team as their main striker, any coverage for actual football will probably dominate media for a few days, so he’s not a useless hold going into the summer despite limited transfer speculation. He is already a (relatively) high price so I’ll probably slowly incorporate him rather than go all out when I do purchase him.


In my opinon, Rodriguez is a player unlucky not to have won any dividends this season. He’s a player entering his prime and in a win/win situation. If he moves to the Premier League his media coverage will make him a valuable asset, and if he stays at Bayern (which is looking increasingly likely with his recent increased playing time) I reckon he’ll snap up PB a few times next season.

He is another player that’s already got quite a premium price, especially as he hasn’t won any dividends this past season, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. The hard part is distinguishing whether he has any transfer potential or not, if he does it’ll be important to get on him ASAP, and if not it’ll be better to get on preseason as the money could be better used elsewhere.


WORTH: £7614.59