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Posted on 01 April 2019


Hello again! The share split is here and whilst a lot of share split buying was done pre share split we still saw a huge rise, a great time to have a portfolio on FI! I’ll admit I got caught up in the hype and have deposited another £400 into the index, primarily to take advantage of the new and improved in-play dividends, so let’s break the buys and sells down!



My reason for selling Barella is simple. I invested into Barella as an attempt to ride the wave earlier in my FI journey. Unfortunately my timing on the trade was poor and as a result I ended up buying at a peak and holding during a trough. With his price raising again through transfer rumours I’ve decided to selloff for a small profit as I don’t have much faith that the transfer will actually occur, and I don’t fancy tying up my money in a player I don’t have that much faith in based on an impulse purchase.


Speaking of impulse purchases, I’ve made a lot of top ups on my holds purely because I want to round off my amounts on players post share split! The top ups are as follows: (still strange to type in the higher amounts of players post split!) GRIEZMANN x30, MEMPHIS DEPAY x15, LACAZETTE x25, FEKIR x5, WERNER x5, KANE x15, MITROVIC x10, PEPE x10, BALE x10, JOVIC x10, LOFTUS CHEEK x10, DYBALA x25,and THORGAN HAZARD x5.

In all of the excitement post split I’ve only made one new addition to the portfolio, and that is:


I’ve brought Dembele into the portfolio as a way of covering all my bases. With Fekir, Depay and Dembele in the port, I’ll cover any news regarding Lyon’s frontline. If Fekir moves (Which I believe he will), that’ll give more exposure for Dembele/ Depay for the next season, which will hopefully raise their prices. As well as that, Dembele/ Lacazette are my initial foray into trading for IPD (Though unfortunately Dembele didn’t do anything over the weekend!) having so many futures in a new player is just a satisfying idea e.g. Knowing that if Lacazette gets a goal tonight I’ll get £1 for it + any Capital Appreciation + a chance at PB dividends is great! 3 different strategies to play FI all tying into one.


I can’t see myself adding too many new players into my portfolio over the next few weeks as after April I don’t intend to play for IPD with the season drawing to a close. I’m going to try to sell off any PB centric players with limited media attention before the summer begins but if I can’t sell them for a profit then I’ll top up on them over the summer when their price drops. Instead, my purchases will primarily be top ups, not the most exciting blog content but I hope to go into the new season with a lot of strong holds!


Obviously the share split has made a lot of figures look different (despite not a lot changing), so here’s my portfolio now!