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Posted on 25 March 2019


Hello again! It’s been an absolutely crazy week with the share split details revealed, and my portfolio has absolutely rocketed because of it! There’s a lot to get through as I’ve made another big adjustment to my portfolio, as I’ve deposited £400 in order to both top up on players who haven’t yet flew, as well as bring in a variety of players I think have yet to benefit from the share split.

First off, the sells

I’ve decided to sell the rest of my Mbappe shares x10 for the reasons I explained in last week’s blog. I’ve also decide to sell off Marquinhos x35. I’ve sold all my shares in him because despite being a quality PB player in a dominant team, the market is strongly geared towards transfer targets who can also perform, and Marquinhos simply doesn’t have any hype behind him regarding transfers. Around halfway through the summer I look forward to getting back on him, but for now it’s money that could be better used elsewhere.

Onto the buys

In terms of topping up, I’ve bought Julian Brandt x15, Thorgan Hazard x10, Pepe x10, Timo Werner x15, Paulo Dybala x5, Philippe Coutinho x10, Christian Eriksen x5, Nabil Fekir x5, And Mauro Icardi x5. I’ve also made a few new additions I want to talk about.


I’ve wanted to buy Maddison since the Spurs rumours surfacing. At the minute I have Bale and Eriksen in the portfolio with an angle for Bale leaving Madrid and Eriksen leaving Spurs. With Maddison tipped as Eriksen’s replacement, it makes sense to me to buy him to complete the trio of related transfers. Even if they don’t come off I think he’ll benefit from Cap App and I’ll sell on the rise, whilst if he does move he may pick up a media win or 2.


A player I want to try and get more of quickly, Griezmann has teased a few times over the last windows about moving from Atletico, and with the calibre of player he is, a move would mean lots of media, especially if it was into the Premier League. His performance prospects are also decent and with him at his peak I may be able to win a few PB before the season’s up.


Slightly out of left field as a purchase, but following a strong showing in the Netherlands game and rumours swirling around a potential transfer, I want to try and hop on any player that is about to have transfer links swirl. This is a risky strategy as they have been bought for a transfer and if it doesn’t come off the price will fall as people move onto the next player, but Depay has plenty of time to impress people before the season ends, though I doubt Lyon will allow Fekir and Depay to leave over the Summer, so definitely one to monitor.


A slightly begrudging purchase as a Spurs fan, but with the huge increase in inplay dividends and Arsenal having so many games in April, I’m hoping Lacazette nets a few over the course of April, benefit from those dividends then sell in the 5th/6th game of April to benefit from the cap app of anyone else hoping to get on for inplay dividends (hence why I’ve bought him towards the end of march rather than the beginning of April)- this is a riskier trade than I’m used to as if he doesn’t score goals his price will drop and I won’t have benefited at all, so it’s akin to a ‘to score’ bet at the bookies, but with the amount of games for Arsenal over April to score in, I fancy my chances. And to add to that, a few of the games are on single match days, meaning he even has an outside shot of winning PB!

And that’s everything for now. With the share split happening at midnight it’s going to be crazy to see the amount of shares I’ll have and the low prices of all my players. In honesty I’ll probably get a bit caught up in it all which is why I’m buying as many players as I can now rather than after the share split, so I can benefit from people like myself who will see the players at ‘slashed’ prices and think they’re a steal. One thing’s for sure, it’s a great time to be on the index!

Invested: £5600

Worth: £7129.21