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Posted on 18 March 2019

Hi again! With Cheltenham over and the share split announcement today, I’ve made a lot of changes to my portfolio to prep myself for what hopefully should be a crazy few weeks of rises!

First off my sells:

As well as selling off Mbappe and Rabiot, I’ve decided to sell some of my Sterling and Pogba.


I’ve sold off 15 of my 40 Sterling shares, primarily because whilst I still value him heavily as an asset, with the Summer coming up I didn’t anticipate any transfer buzz and throughout the Nations League I would consider Kane to be the one likely to win dividends out of the England forwards.

With me not anticipating him to win much and for his price to drop over the summer, my plan was to sell some of him off, invest in the targets I pointed out last week, then top up again over the summer. However, a few days after selling him, rumours about a potential transfer to Real Madrid cropped up, providing a massive boost to his price! I’m going to stick to my guns and only top up over the summer, but it’s always a shame to see a player have a decent rise when you sell them off- can’t win them all!


I’ve decided to sell 10 of my 60 Pogba shares, which was something I’ve been deliberating over a few weeks - on the one hand, Pogba is by far the best performing player on my portfolio, and accounted for my biggest profits. However with the summer coming up, I’ve decided it’s best to invest in others as whilst I’m sure Pogba will be around the top of the media table over the summer, he doesn’t have any likely big transfer stories like a Bale or a Fekir does, so I want to even out the wins a little bit more - lesser value but more frequent wins over the summer.

Now for the purchases:

After Cheltenham I’ve deposited £500 back into the Index, and I’ve invested in a variety of players. As well as last week’s targets of Dele Alli (x20), Julian Brandt (x20) and Mauro Icardi (x30), I’ve topped up on: Eriksen x15, Gareth Bale x20, Pepe x5, Kane x10, Richarlison x5, and Coutinho x15.

Outside of Richarlison (Topping up for next season) and Kane (Topping up for Nations League/ Odd chance of a brief transfer rumour), I’ve topped up on the rest of these players because I believe in their ability to rake in the dividends for me over the summer.

As well as that I’m more than happy with their performance prospects next season, although I anticipate that once Bale moves/ doesn’t move over the summer his price will tank, so I need to time that trade well.

One final addition to the portfolio that was somewhat last minute is


I’ve only bought Salah x10 but it was a big decision for me between Salah and Hazard. To me Hazard is the more suitable performance player but the detracting factors for Hazard are that with Chelsea having a transfer ban, in my mind that makes him less likely to move away.

With Chelsea also having a decent shout of winning the Europa league, receiving Champions League football next year will probably help in convincing Hazard to stay for another season (With that said if Chelsea end up in the Europa league for another season my opinion will change into making it very likely Hazard will leave, so I’ll be watching their Europa journey closely). As well as that, I’ve already owned Hazard and I sold him off for a reason.

Salah on the other hand is a player that’s dropped over £2, is 2 years younger and about to enter a forward’s ‘prime’ age and is out of form, the perfect player for me.

With Liverpool receiving a favourable Quarter final draw against Porto and being neck for neck in a premier league title race with City, if Salah starts getting back into form before the end of the season where every game matters, I believe that the media dividends will return and with that a massive boost to his price.

My ideal scenario is for Salah to have an excellent end to the season and Chelsea to crash out of the Europa league and a race for the top 4 (Which they’re doing a bang-up job of doing with their loss to Everton yesterday!), wherein I will receive Salah dividends and sell on a high, then start to invest in Hazard.

Football is a game where anything can happen though, Liverpool could bottle the league and Champions League at any minute, and it could all backfire! Even if that happens though I’m happy with my future media and performance prospects with Salah, it’ll just make him a longer-term hold.

With all that said, my portfolio has seen a lot of changes over the last week, so I thought I’d update you all on what my portfolio looks like