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Posted on 21 October 2019

Hello again! An insane week of growth for me this week as FI knocks it out of the park with a 57% dividend increase, happy days! Last week I said that I’d be focussing primarily on topping up on players, but with the announcement being brought forward to last Friday I had to be more decisive on selling players I was unsure on and topping up on those I was sure on prior to the announcement.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the moves I’ve made this week, apart from being indecisive with my Pogba's. On the one hand I’m happy that he’ll return media dividends and that has been boosted, but I had him in my sell queue at various points over the week (and currently do now!), only to cancel it because of the media potential.

I think I probably could’ve made that money grow way faster by putting the £600 I have in Pogba somewhere further down the market like a Brozovic or Kroos, but whilst I’ve missed out for now through indecisiveness, don’t be surprised if Pogba’s gone from the port soon. In the meantime, here’s what I did last week.





ISCO x30

RUIZ x50

KANE x10









SUSO x20

The big change for me this week was removing one successful trade and one unsuccessful one from my port. When the market is booming it’s easy to market sell anyone, even your regrettable trades, and that’s what I’ve done with James Rodriguez. Having held him for so long with so much hope after his performances for Bayern, he went back to being a bit part player for Madrid and when he got his chance in the first team for them, he didn’t perform as well as I’d wanted him to. There is a PB machine In there somewhere but I’ve held him for far too long at a loss to justify not using the money elsewhere.

A failed trade that I lost around £40 on overall (especially bad given how much the market overall has rose in that time), but I feel good about letting him go and knowing that I’ll get better returns elsewhere (the money I got from him actually went to his teammate Kroos, so already that’s paid off!)

The other selloff is another long term hold, Timo Werner. I’d held Werner for quite a long time without him shifting in price, only for him to start rocketing recently. Having built up a decent position in him and with the likelihood of him moving to Bayern next season not to the Premier League (good for PB, bad for MB), I’m comfortable selling on a decent high and again reinvesting elsewhere.

With Werner I’ll be monitoring where he goes next summer, and I may eventually get back on even at a higher price, but he hasn’t been too dangerous for PB so far this season and I want more immediate chances to win PB, especially with the insane potential 16p star man ‘Gold day’ payouts now available.

Onto the purchases, and whilst the majority are top-ups on premium holds and pure PB holds (both benefitted extremely from the dividend increase), there are a few longer term punts in there. Long time readers will remember when I bought Ziyech in anticipation of a big move and potential in a PB league, though he was already at an overheated price. I’ve done that again with Bruno Fernandes following around a 50p drop from his peak.

I’m looking ahead here for when the transfer window rolls around as I think he can hit that £3 high again amid speculation of where he goes. Whilst I’ll be topping up until then, where he goes will dictate whether I hold or sell. Whilst he was a PB machine last year and has great potential if he moves, I’m really only interested in keeping him at that price if he moves to the premier league. Anywhere else and I may have to reconsider as for over £3 I want PB and MB prospects, which are less likely at other leagues.

That’s a long way away though and with higher potential payouts and at the very least Euros involvement this year with a strong Portugal side to even have a shot at those payouts, I’m happy that come January or even next summer the media hype will once again swirl around him and pick his price up.


WORTH: £12,585.36