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Posted on 11 March 2019

Hello again! Another week, another limited amount of movement within my portfolio. With Cheltenham coming up I’ve decided to focus more on my matched betting for the week than Football Index, and that has involved taking some money out of FI by selling 2 players. Other than that, I’ll go over a few of my targets once I put the money back into FI.

If you haven't already, catch up with FILuigi's previous week on Football Index at the following link:

First off my sells:


I’ve decided to sell off all 30 of my Rabiot shares for a variety of reasons. The primary one is because I was 30p per share up on him and when I originally purchased him a few months ago I believed that his transfer speculation would put him up to around that price where I could selloff (For a tip I would say when you initially purchase a player make sure you have a sell-off goal. Once you reach that goal evaluate how valuable you think that player will be in the future and based on that sell him off or set a new sell-off goal).

What followed was his price continually dropping and me repeatedly topping up on him as I hoped he would once again rise due to transfer speculation. Now recently with him apparently partying after PSG’s shock Champions League exit speculation for a move away from PSG peaked again and I have decided to take him out of my portfolio completely once I hit my sell-off goal.

This is because I don’t trust him as a PB performer, with his scores on matchdays not being remarkable at all, as well as the fact that there are players that will dominate more if they move than him, meaning his MB prospects aren’t great either.

I think he’s just a player that will move to a Premier League club, then drop in price once the transfer is complete and people will realise he’s not that suitable (Though in a different playstyle he may suit the PB matrix better), and the £100 I put into him will be better off in Cheltenham.


I’ve decided to sell 10 out of my 20 shares in Mbappe as I don’t believe that he warrants a premium player price over a Kane or a Messi share. I believe that much of his price is based on his potential as opposed to his ability and whilst he does have a bright career ahead of him, he recently couldn’t make a strong challenge for PB even in a game where he scored 2 goals.

For me if I’m paying so much for a player share, I want good dividend returns and he hasn’t provided them. I also got on him at £13.36 and his price is now £16.22, so a good profit has been made. Saying all that, I’m still keeping 10 of him as I reckon post share split and with summer approaching where at some point everyone will be tipped with another team, his price will raise a bit more (Especially as it’s been recently knocked with PSG’s CL exit), but the money from 10 shares will go into Cheltenham and when it returns to the index there’s more interesting dividend and capital appreciation opportunities in other players

With that said, there are a few players I’ll be looking to bring in once Cheltenham is over:


His price has raised recently with him returning from injury, but I figure (Full disclosure- I am a Spurs fan) that once the summer comes, especially if Spurs finish outside the top 4, that players like Eriksen and Alli will have big question marks regarding their futures at the club. I already own Eriksen so Alli is the other player that I think will benefit from a decent price rise/ media dividends over the summer.


To me Brandt is an amazing, PB friendly player that is destined for a move away from Leverkusen. He too has recently had a sizeable rise, but I predict that over the summer he will have his price bumped up, especially if he makes a move into a big Premier League team. We’ve seen recently with Coutinho what a Man U transfer rumour does to a player’s price, and whilst another top 6 team rumour may not have the same impact, his price will still rise if the rumours come, and following into the next season I reckon he’ll challenge for PB wherever he ends up.


A player with a seeming grudge against Inter right now, and a strong player for the Index going forward to the next season, but I’m primarily just aiming for players that I think have a strong chance of actually moving clubs, unless they’re in the Premier League where I’ll just take the idea that the may move as an incentive to purchase.

Finally, a quick pat on the back for myself for reaching £1000 overall profit on the Index, it truly is an amazing site, I can’t wait to break the £5000 profit barrier 😉 - FIS: congratulations!

And that’s all for this week! I have a few more targets but those 3 are the ones I’m looking to bring into my portfolio ASAP. At the time of writing this I’ve sold off all my Rabiot but my Mbappe shares are still in the queue, so I’ve only withdrawn £100. Wish me luck for Cheltenham, I hope to return next week with a few new players in the portfolio!


WORTH: £5794.92