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Posted on 29 July 2019

Hello again! It’s been a week dominated by transfers, and though I’ve still been unable to sell Fekir, I’ve added a few more players to the sell list off the back of some transfer rumours, whilst also making another deposit.








In terms of purchases, I’ve topped up primarily on defenders as I’m looking to get bigger wins through coverage of defenders who won multiple PB dividends last season. This is a predictable strategy and therefore the value in these players has gone (especially in VVD’s case), but for me all of my defender holds are intended for income through dividend wins over capital appreciation.

The big news tomorrow may change how I feel on defenders depending on the changes they make (my guess is they’re going to add points for successful dribbles, key passes and aerial duels won based on the surveys that was sent out, but I have no idea on how influential these changes will be, so I’m going to hold off and see how the market initially reacts then hopefully top up on players that are unfairly sold off with the money going onto overhyped players that will benefit from these changes.)

As well as that, as the transfer window will soon come to a close, I truly can’t see Pogba leaving United so soon this transfer window, so I’ve topped up on him as I’m sure he’ll be a big media player for next season, providing a steady flow of dividends.

One new player I’ve added into the portfolio is Marcelo Brozovic. Admittedly this is a bit of a risk depending on what happens with the announcement tomorrow. I’ve bought him as he had 4 PB scores over 200 last season and was a regular starter in the Inter team. With Conte coming in I’m anticipating Inter will have another good season with Brozovic being a key part of that, and should occasionally win some dividends with a lucky high score.

He’s also at a reasonable price, though that’s likely because he doesn’t have any media appeal. The risk comes from the changes that will be made. If the scoring matrix makes Brozovic’s style of playing less impactful, there’s less chance of him winning, making the entire reason I bought him point less. On the other hand, if it makes it more impactful, then he’ll become more valuable, hence why I’ve made the move for him before the announcement. Time will tell if this is a good or bad decision.

Finally, onto a bunch of as of right now unsuccessful sells- I’ve listed all of my Tolisso and Dybala shares onto the market. With Tolisso I’m wanting to take the significant profits I’ve made on him and reinvest elsewhere as I don’t see him being a key player for Bayern next season and a lot of my profits on him were from people investing in him as he came back from an injury. His PB stats are nothing special though and I’d rather have money to throw into more proven PB prospects.

Dybala’s links to United and Spurs (imagine!!) made his price rocket but with him apparently looking to stay at Juventus his price bounced back a bit. I’ve held him for a while and I’m not prepared to hold for another season of mediocrity in terms of dividend returns compared to his price. I believe his price is based on the fact that he is a fantastic player and could move to the Prem where he would be BIG news. But at Juventus, even with Sarriball being quite PB friendly, he won’t be the main man there behind Juventus’ other attacking prospects and may not even be a regular starter, and that’s not a risk I want to take for the amount that he costs.

Circumstances may change over the next week as I haven’t actually sold these players yet, just listed them, but I imagine this money will be reinvested this time next week as I’m banking on Dybala having another rumour or two linking him to the Prem to encourage other traders to buy him off me.


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