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Posted on 23 July 2019

Hello again! It’s been a week of drops within my portfolio, as new IPOs are released and the market goes crazy for youth players, I’ve invested some money into the drops of more FI established players. Whilst I see the appeal I youth players, their prices are far too high for me personally, so my aim is continuing to be to prepare myself for the oncoming season and hope that it’ll pay off within the first few months.








My purchases in Pogba, Virgil, Laporte and Havertz are just top-ups in players that I’m already confident in. I need to work on the timing of my Pogba trade however, throughout the summer his price has repeatedly bobbed up and down, but my purchases of him are always mistimed for when his price is going up, not down, some of that I attribute to not having the funds in my account at the right time though.

One key addition I’ve made is Alcantara. I’ve went fairly heavy on him (by my standards) for an initial investment because I’ve wanted to purchase him since the end of last season. A player in his prime years, Alcantara has won PB multiple times and has had decent PB averages for a dominant Bayern side. As my coverage of Bundesliga grows, the more players I have from the best team in it, the better.

My one sticking point about investing in him was the price, and that’s why I’ve waited so long to get on him but with the amount that this week’s ipos are going for, he is grossly underpriced compared to them (though I expect their prices to drop once the domestic season begins). In terms of Bayern coverage, I’m also aiming to get on Kingsley Coman and may reinvest in Kimmich, though this is dependent on how the OPTA positional changes work for the first few weeks of the season, because I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.

I haven’t sold any players this week but I’ve put all of my Fekir into a sell queue. All signs at the moment are pointing at him going to Real Betis, which would make him a significantly worse hold for me. He would go from playing in the Champions League with one of the best teams in Ligue 1 to playing in a mid table La Liga side, missing out on a load of eligible games. I held off on him expecting him to either not leave or going to a better club (he’s had links to Napoli), and held out of stubbornness as I couldn’t believe that he’d go to Betis (I still can’t believe it to be fair!).

His knee has unfortunately hampered his career but whilst it’s looking like he’s going to Betis, I’m going to have to sell on a small loss if possible as he doesn’t justify his price there. The worst part about this is I’ve held him for a long time and at one point was on over a pound profit per share! An unfortunate end to what used to be one of my best trades, I can only hope that miraculously he doesn’t end up leaving for Betis. On top of that, I’ve got to hope that I can even sell him if he does, I’m determined not to lose extra through the IS spread. It may even get to a point where he’ll become undervalued in my eyes!


WORTH: £8495.21