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Posted on 15 July 2019

Hello again! After a 2 week break, I’ve sold off a variety of players in order to fund my Television dreams (It sadly hasn’t even arrived yet!). There’s been a huge shift in my portfolio, as I’ve had to go through and choose which players I wanted less than others, a difficult process, but the players that remain I’m more than confident in. There’s a lot to get through, as I’m going to try my best to break down the individual reasons I’ve removed each player.



GARETH BALE x50 I’ve finally managed to offload the rest of my Bale shares. This was a trade I’ve been trying to exit before my major withdrawal as he’s had a disappointing summer media wise, with the links to United dissipating fairly early into the summer. I managed to sell half my profits for a nice profit, though the other half were sold at a mild loss. With a few dividend wins this wasn’t a failed trade, but I’m glad it’s over.

HAKIM ZIYECH x40 Another disappointing trade, with Ziyech only having interesting links to Arsenal that are currently not seeming likely to come off. Thankfully made a small profit on this trade, as if was holding and he stayed at Ajax for another season I believe he’d be very overpriced as he’s playing in a league ineligible for PB. Saying that, if he moves I may revisit this trade depending on where he goes and if he displays any strong PB stats, unlikely for me though.

TANGUY NDOMBELE x60 As a Spurs fan this is fantastic news, but the transfer means the media buzz around him is over, and the dividend wins will dry up. Comparing his price to Son and Moura (2 more ‘exciting’ players as they play further up the pitch), he is also overpriced imo and I left the trade at the correct time, taking some profits before the move was officially confirmed.

HARRY MAGUIRE x60 Since selling, the links to United have kept him in the media and his price had a further huge boost to it, so I would say I exited at the wrong time. If I held for a few more weeks I would have raked in more dividends and capital appreciation, though after completing a move to United, his price will fall (If he does go)- Wan-Bissaka is a good comparison for this, where the dividends he’s winning due to joining United are being offset by the price dropping over the fact that the player has completed a move. A complicated trade that I may have left a bit too early.

PHILIPPE COUTINHO x120 I got onto Coutinho a few months ago amid some premier league links. There is a lot of uncertainty about Coutinho’s future at Barcelona thanks to Griezmann (and possibly Neymar!) joining the club, so I wanted to cash out amid the uncertainty on a decent profit. I could’ve probably held onto Coutinho for a while longer, but outside of some vague Liverpool links, he’s unlikely to return to the Premier League, and unlikely to win media dividends past a move to a different club. If he goes to PSG (another club he’s been linked to as part of a swap deal for Neymar) I will consider revisiting as I imagine his PB would be strong there. The worst situation would be for him to stay at Barcelona as backup, and for the price I wouldn’t want to be holding him for another year at Barca.

SERGEJ MILINKOVIC-SAVIC x50 I sold Savic before links to United rocketed his price, a trade I exited too early after being impatient with the lack of significant rise, serves me right for leaving the trade so early!

MAURO ICARDI x120 At this point I’m doubting a move to the Premier League will materialise this season despite him having possible problems with Conte. I made a decent profit on him and am happy to exit purely because I can’t see his price going up without a tangible link to the Prem, which I can’t see happening this summer now. May revisit.

LIONEL MESSI x60 My most ‘significant’ sell. I got onto the Messi hype train at the end of the season after seeing his impressive dividend stats, but for the amount I’ve invested in him I decided the money can be used better elsewhere (when I redeposit)- the amount of dividends he wins gets cancelled out by traders nervous about his age exiting the trade and reducing his price, resulting in a £0 profit. With the speed that players on the index are rising in price, there’s no point in being on a player that’s making me nothing, even if that player is the GOAT.


VIRGIL VAN DIJK x10 I’ve decided to invest in Virgil as although his price is premium. News around him has gone quiet now and I’m anticipating another big price rise in the early stages of next season, with some possible media hype about him being in contention for the Ballon D’or. He’s still kept the price even during this quiet period and has at least a few years left at the top of his game barring a major injury, so I believe traders are confident in him, therefore I am too.

After my impulse purchase the plan is to reinvest into the portfolio at a steady pace, and hopefully by the time the season starts I may be back to the amount I had invested 2 weeks ago, and after this re-evaluation of the portfolio I’m happier than ever with the players in my port! Here’s what it looks like now: