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Posted on 04 March 2019

Hey again! Unfortunately for this blog there’s no huge portfolio update, as I’m geared towards longer term trading you won’t see drastic shifts in who I own in my portfolio. Saying that, the updates to my portfolio are as follows:



BOUGHT: Thorgan Hazard x5, Ruben Loftus- Cheek x10, Richarlison x5, Eriksen x5, And Gareth Bale x10.

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First Off, about my choice to sell Zinchenko. In honesty, this was probably a mistake. I sold all of my shares in him because I’d owned him for a few months on a loss and constantly topped up. When he started getting game time at City and performing well I figured that it wouldn’t last for long and it would be a good time to cash out on his profit then.

This at least followed with my ideology of always cashing out for a profit (An ideology that has its own issues, but with the market skyrocketing like it is now it’s viable to do so until it calms down and market cap is reached) but I made the decision to sell him because I saw the green and wanted to get rid of him from my portfolio, as opposed to weighing up whether I would still buy him at that price.

The answer is yes I would have, as a young player in a dominant City team that also potentially has a shot at dividends is worth holding onto.

I sold him for 18p per share less than he is currently worth, which is a lot of lost potential profit. I’m going to wait for his price to decrease over the summer and consider getting back on, but in the future I’m going to aim to slowly de-risk in a player rather than go full gung ho and sell all of my shares in them if I see green on them.

In contrast, with the money I made from my Zinchenko shares I invested in Gareth Bale at just the right time. I bought 10 shares just as news was coming out about Real’s plans to sell him over the summer, and his price rocketed after that.

Only having 10 shares in him is a shame but I’m in 50p profit per share on him. I see him as being a media machine over the summer but I also predict he will tank once he either actually moves or somehow stays at Real so I’ll be looking to invest some more in until the end of the season, pick up some dividends then make a quick escape on him.

With Real still very much in the Champions League he has the potential of delivering a big moment there too, which would be a nice bonus (Though I have no expectations of him to do so, bought purely for media dividends.)

Thorgan Hazard is a buy I’ve made because of his potential to move to a Premier League club. Similar to Pulisic, I anticipate his price to rise in expectancy of a move, peak on an announcement then fall after.

I’ve definitely got in late however and this strategy has been accounted for, with him not banging in the goals like he did earlier in the season I’m currently 9p down per share on him but again, I’m buying for the summer, not the rest of the season.

Ruben Loftus- Cheek is somebody I’d invested in earlier in the season, but chose to sell off on after a great Europa league performance. I have reinvested because of Chelsea’s potential incoming transfer ban meaning he may get some more time.

Having watched him a few times I think he has the potential to soak in a few more dividends if he’s lucky and in a dominant team like Chelsea, if he actually starts for the team frequently he’ll get luckier than most players.

Eriksen/Richarlison- I’m topping up on these two for separate reasons, but the thing that attracts me to buying more is the fact their price is declining. When I bought them initially I was happy to buy at that price for the long term so seeing them at a reduced price to that makes me even happier to strengthen my position on them.

For Richarlison he’s a young forward who if he has a good run of games I reckon people will flock to and he’ll have a chance to move onto a bigger club. Being so young he has the whole of my 3 year hold on him to achieve this.

For Eriksen I think that there will be a lot of rumours about his Tottenham future which will make him another media machine over the summer.

And there we have it! Those are the shifts in my portfolio and why I’ve done them. I hope you understand where I’m coming from with a few of these, and if you could all buy 100,000 shares in Richarlison that would be greatly appreciated 😉 See you next week!

INVESTED: £4800 WORTH: £5784.99