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Posted on 24 June 2019

Hi again! A busy week in terms of shuffling around my portfolio, as I’ve finally managed to get on some players I’ve wanted for a while.











Firstly, I’ll cover the Rashford/Pogba swap in my portfolio. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I’m still doubtful Pogba will leave United this summer and have decided to put (some of) my money where my mouth is and capitalise on the huge Rashford rise that occurred from traders believing he’ll be United’s ‘main man’ if Pogba left.

Rashford does have a big year coming up with Euro 2020, but I couldn’t justify leaving someone in the portfolio who wasn’t returning as many dividends as his price would suggest, especially after having holding him long enough to greatly benefit from capital appreciation on him. It’s a trade I may revisit in the long term, but I’d have to see some more proof that he’ll be a big dividend earner next season.

As well as topping up on Pogba, I’ve topped up on Laporte (x40), Havertz (x10) and Insigne (x10) - All 3 are efforts to get 100 shares in each of the players, as 100 shares is a ‘sweet spot’ for me in terms of investment and how much I’ll stand to gain in capital appreciation/dividends.

I went heavier on Laporte because in my opinion the market is definitely leaning back towards PB for the start of next season, and with that there seems to be a lot of renewed faith in defenders. With a smaller pool of PB competition for defenders compared to midfielders, I want to try and cover a few of the top quality ones and hope Kimmich doesn’t win every week!

Because of the reasons above, I’ve brought in Jonathan Tah (x50) and Manuel Akanji (x70). Tah is a player I’ve wanted for a while, and one I’m hoping to keep investing in before the season begins. Akanji on the other hand is an impulsive purchase on the back of some solid stats. He plays as a defender for a Dortmund team that took Bayern to the wire last season and earned a respectable 17p in dividends last season, winning 4 times (And winning star man twice). I’m hoping to top up on any sort of drop that occurs (though I anticipate a short term drop is unlikely) and I optimistically believe he’ll win dividends at least twice next season. If he can do that, he’ll be a worthy addition to the portfolio.

Finally I purchased Serge Gnabry (x50). Gnabry is another player I wanted for a while, as he performed well for Bayern last season and linked up with Coman (another potential target) nicely. With Ribbery and Robben gone, Gnabry has a chance for more first team minutes, and therefore more dividends.

Bayern are a dominant team in the Bundesliga and tend to rack up a lot of decent PB scores, so I’m anticipating Gnabry to be the beneficiary of a few dominant wins over weak Bundesliga teams. My only issue with this purchase is that shortly after I bought Gnabry, his price shot up roughly 20p, I believe all because of one trader. This makes further immediate investment in him difficult to justify, because nothing has changed in his circumstances so the huge rise isn’t fully justified, and with one trader investing they could just as easily be doing it purely to take advantage of the bonus then sell all of their shares in him, causing his price to plummet back and making life difficult for me if I decide to top up on him. I’m going to wait for a few days after the summer madness bonus ends and everyone receives their bonus cash before I decide what to do with Gnabry.

And that’s that! Next week may be a departure from the usual blogs, as I’m planning on purchasing a new TV with some of the profits I’ve received from FI (what’s life if you can’t treat yourself every once in a while?) So the plan is to keep depositing until the bonus, receive the bonus cash, then have a big sell off of some players I don’t favour as much any more, I’ll update you on what I do next week!

INVESTED: £6500    WORTH: £9021.89