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Posted on 17 June 2019

Hello again! A rather subdued week on FI for me, Pogba’s drop was half balanced out by Rashford’s rise and overall the week has seen slow drops countered out by media dividend wins. I feel as if the market is starting to shift towards PB players for the next season, and that’s the trend I’m also looking at getting on.



The issue with this week is that I’m purely topping up on players I’ve bought recently, meaning that I don’t have any extra insight for why I’m purchasing them! All 3 are strong PB players who I’m hoping will scoop up a few PB wins next season. My personal strategy right now is to keep collecting regular, if unspectacular wins (an example of this is that I’ve earned £49.60 in dividends since media madness began, the majority of which came from the obvious targets.)

I have wanted to purchase more Pogba though, so I’m going to dedicate this blog on why I believe he shouldn’t have fell as far as he did and what my upcoming plan is.

Yesterday he stated to a reporter that he was ‘’ready for a new challenge’’ and his price plummeted from £7.06 to a low of £6.68, before recovering slightly throughout the day. The consensus on his comments were that if he were to move away from United his MB and PB prospects would dry up, which I fundamentally don’t believe is true.

Whilst his PB could definitely drop in a team where he isn’t the ‘main man’, you only have to look at Hazard in terms of how much MB the transfer itself would pick up. Hazard’s price has dropped, but he pulled in a load of MB whilst the deal was going through, as it is a star name moving. During that period, there was one decent opportunity where his price went back up 10p whilst he was earning dividends that was a good exit point.

If Pogba were to actually move, I anticipate he would pick up more MB than Hazard over the move due to being a bigger media personality, allowing a decent slot of time to exit the trade whilst earning a few dividends along the way (he won MB yesterday and will likely win it today over a single comment, yet also dropped significantly over one comment, there’s still plenty of time for the story to change).

Another point to make is that I don’t believe he’ll leave United this season, so a huge drop like this is ideal for me to pick up some more shares In him. Unfortunately I lack the immediate capital to capitalise on this drop. So the plan is to sell my Rashford shares (who gained renewed optimism after Pogba’s drop, likely because people believe he’ll be the main man to take penalties, a great source of PB) as his price had a nice rise on the back of this situation, before the market evens out again as I believe that the market has overreacted due to many traders having trigger fingers.

Pogba’s price is slightly too low and Rashford’s price is slightly too high, I’m going to take advantage of this blip in the market.

Invested: £6400

Worth: £8833.46