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Posted on 10 June 2019

Hi again! It’s been a week where I haven’t made any deposits but made a few adjustments to my portfolio. It’s been slightly strange in that my premium holds are all dropping for the most part but those further down the price spectrum are rising, which would balance it out if I didn’t have the majority of actual shares in premium holdings.







First off I’ll cover my failure of a sell- Last week I said I had listed my Firmino shares to market however, I’ve now taken them off the sell list because his price lowered to the point where I’d be making a loss on him if I’d sold. My intention now is to wait until he has a good game next season (likely with the Liverpool team at the moment) and sell him on the back of some hype.

Now, I’ve successfully been able to sell half of my shares in Bale. I’ve done this because I’ve made a decent amount of profit on him and although the saga is ongoing, I didn’t feel comfortable having so much money invested in him. There is a chance (however small) that he could go to United on a loan according to the rumour mill and if that occurred that would be amazing money, but I personally don’t see it happening. And if it doesn’t happen and if he stays at Real next year and is side-lined by Zidane, then my money is going to waste on a player that likely won’t feature much next year.

Even worse is if links pick up to non PB leagues like China or MLS, which would be the only places able to afford straight up buying Bale. Though that is unlikely, it’s a situation that I don’t want to risk. I didn’t want to completely exit the Bale trade just in case the United deal did happen, but I equally didn’t want to have too much money in him in case it doesn’t happen.

With the Bale money I decided to top up on Pogba x10. I really don’t think he’ll leave this summer, especially not for Juventus. The market has in my opinion suppressed his price a bit in fear of a move outside the Premier League and for that reason I felt it was a good time to top up and reap the media dividends of him staying at United next season. I’ve always had confidence in Pogba, so I’m happy to hold through whatever happens to his price, as I believe that no matter what, as long as he’s in the premier league he’s always a decent shout for media on a slow day. With the top up on Pogba and England’s disappointing Nations League exit dropping Kane’s price, Pogba is once again the ‘king’ of my portfolio.

I also topped up on Rodrigo de Paul as his price slowly goes up, as it’s a buy I have confidence in at the lower end of the market. Finally I’ve bit the bullet and incorporated Kai Havertz x10 into the port. He proved to be a PB beast last season and with Leverkusen in the Champions League for this upcoming season, the hope is that with a good run he could shine with a decent run and maybe have some media hype. If not though, I’m happy to hold him purely for PB, as last season displayed that he could consistently post good scores.

His price is exaggerated due to his youth, but for the very same reason that it is exaggerated, I don’t see the price falling significantly anytime soon and if it does I’ll use it as an opportunity to top up, investing in him will become a key part of my portfolio next season.

Invested: £6300

Worth: £8732.56