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Posted on 03 June 2019

Hello again! It’s been a matched betting orientated week, as most of my funds have gone into doing signup offers with random sites based on Liverpool winning the Champions League so that if they did I’d at least have some money to compensate the misery of being a Spurs fan (it didn’t help). Because of that, I’ve only made a small adjustment to my portfolio this week, so this will be more of a speculative blog.



In terms of my purchases, Ndombele and Icardi are just top-ups on players I’m still confident in over the summer (Ndombele is a purchase made purely with the media dividends I’ve accumulated which is quite a good feeling).

Laporte is a new addition to the portfolio, I’ve mentioned previously that him and Jonathan Tah are players I’m looking to bring in over the summer. With the season officially ending over the weekend I was hoping that traders would be so swept up in media madness that PB specific players would drop and I would get a chance to purchase on a discount, but it seems like the market is savvy to this manoeuvre as their prices have actually been steadily going up recently!

It seems like a lot of traders are happy to top up on PB players now even as early as June, so I thought I would purchase them now and hope that the wave of positivity for PB players continues as we head further into media madness.

Whilst I haven’t been able to sell him yet, I’ve market listed all 50 of my Firmino shares. The timing of this is a mistake I want to learn from. I was in 2 minds- On the one hand I’ve been looking to sell Firmino for a while as he hasn’t been as integral for Liverpool as their other players have, resulting in an unspectacular hold that could be better spent on other prospects.

I was waiting for the CL final to sell him off on the hype over all the players going into the final. His price raised leading up to the game as I expected, but I ended up holding. I thought to myself ‘’He’s the only Liverpool player in my portfolio, I don’t want to miss out if Liverpool win.’’ He proceeded to have an unremarkable game, and following the game his price has dropped from £1.59 to £1.43. My FOMO compromised my usual medium term trading style, he was a player I’ve wanted to remove from the portfolio and I shouldn’t have let one game dictate whether or not I kept him. It’s a gamble that didn’t pay off.

Going forward I’m gonna aim to incorporate some more PB players whilst also topping up on players that I have less than 100 shares of, I’m viewing 100 shares as the ‘minimum’ at the moment as I want any player’s dividend wins to actually be beneficial (Hazard picked up a lot of dividends in May but only having 10 shares in him made those wins somewhat inconsequential) - The only thing stopping me from doing that is that players have already experienced sizeable rises before I’ve reached 100 of them.

For example I have 60 shares of Harry Maguire at a 48p profit per share, after such a big rise do I risk buying more to bump up the average price per share only for his price to potentially tumble if no transfer deal occurs?

It’s something that will require a lot of thought on a case by case basis for each player in the portfolio.

Invested: £6300

Worth: £8764.35