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Posted on 20 May 2019

Hi again! This week has been somewhat marred by the OPTA positional changes, though it’s been positive in terms of strengthening my holds on a few players via the dividends I’ve won off the shares I already have - with media season about to kick in, it’s great to have already seen some of the snowball effect taking place within my portfolio!




I’ll start with the biggest change in my portfolio this week, the selling of Kimmich. A few weeks ago I covered Kimmich as he was one of the biggest losses in my portfolio though I’d opted to keep him as I was confident in his PB prospects for the next season. However, over the course of the week OPTA (the site where FI gets its data from) reclassified Kimmich from a defender into a midfielder.

This positional change damaged his chances of winning PB as he would have to compete with more players for the top spot and would lose out on points for clean sheets (and would have less IPDs for goals scored) - I caught onto this news relatively early and instant sold all my shares in him for a loss of around £45. I wasn’t exactly happy with it, but it was a loss I was willing to take as I was no longer confident in his PB prospects. With all that said, 2 days later OPTA once again changed Kimmich so he was classified once again as a defender, not a midfielder. He has since shot back up as if nothing had changed and I lost a chunk of money for nothing.

I don’t necessarily blame FI for this hiccup, as if the site they get their data from changes Kimmich, there’s no good reason to go against the data provided. I do hope that they manage to prevent this from occurring in the future though, as this random switcheroo has ended up back where it started, only with me a little bit poorer because of it 😉.

I’ve chosen to not reinvest in Kimmich unless for whatever reason he drops a lot again, and instead I will opt for other defenders in the future - Laporte and Jonathan Tah are on my radar for future defender purchases.

Moving onto my other player sold, a longtime member of my portfolio- Mitrovic. Mitrovic was a star in a defensively frail Fulham team, whose good run of form in the beginning months prevented their goal difference looking even more shambolic at the end of the season. I’m fairly confident that he’ll move to a premier league club or another top division, as I don’t think he’ll remain in the championship with Fulham.

Saying that, It’s impossible to be 100% sure and if he does move to a top division club, I believe they’ll be a club on the lower end of the table and he’ll be unlikely to win PB. He’s a good player but not the strongest for PB in general and it’s a gamble for me to hold him as an IPD player as his form is patchy. I may pick him up as an IPD next season if his price lowers but I don’t have much faith that there will be much media fanfare for wherever he moves (if he moves) over the summer and with the season being over there’s no IPDs to win, so I’ve sold him off for a miniscule profit.

I don’t have much self-analysis to make on my purchases as they’re all players that I already held that I’m strengthening on. Sterling is the one player that I’ve previously sold a few of whilst covering my journey here, which turned out to be a mistake as he rose a significant amount after I sold some of him! With his price dropping down again I wanted to pick a few shares in him up again as I’m still confident he’ll receive media attention over the summer, and depending on what transfers City make I anticipate him and Bernardo Silva to be some of City’s key players next season. He’s had an outstanding season and is starting to enter his prime so hopefully his performance prospects improve even further into next season!

Invested: £5900

Worth: £8180.75