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Posted on 13 May 2019

Hello! With an amazing champions league result for Spurs and Liverpool and a culmination of a fantastic Premier League title race this weekend, it’s a great time to be a fan of football (unless you’re a United fan). Soon however, the PB days will cease to exist for the summer, leaving it all about media.

With that said, I’ve once again tweaked my portfolio to focus more on potential transfers than good PB players. It’s a strange see-saw of prices that I’ve sucked myself into, as with the recent gains of the majority of players on the index, I definitely feel like I’m chasing dividends, not capital appreciation. With 5 places of media on offer after the 1st of June this may prove to be the right decision, but I accept the risk of getting on players after they’ve already experienced a decent rise.




Selling Digne is an example of my transitioning from ‘pure’ PB to MB, as I don’t believe he’ll move this summer. As a replacement, I’ve purchased AARON WAN-BISSAKA as a PB potential player who can also rake in media dividends over the Summer. Despite a statement of intent to stay at Palace, United’s recent form is so shoddy it could inspire a complete squad overhaul moving into the 2019/2020 season. Footy Index Scout’s recent article on the potential team for next year is a great indication of what could come!) and AWB could be a part of that.

As a young English player he has plenty of time to win dividends even if a united move doesn’t materialise this summer, as he is a crucial part of that Palace side. The obvious downfall of this purchase is his £1.88 pricetag compared to Digne’s 95p, leaving a lot more potential for his price to fall if he doesn’t move or has a worse season. I am willing to take the risk on him though, time will tell if it pays off.

HAKIM ZIYECH is another player that I’ve gotten on after many other traders, leaving potential to get burnt. Having watched him in the Champions League this season though, he is a quality player that I believe will get a transfer.

If he receives a transfer to a PB eligible league I think he’ll be a challenger for a few PB wins (depending on where he goes of course). I purchased him after Ajax were knocked out by Spurs in expectation of a big price drop. His price not dropping that much after the defeat has given me confidence that other traders feel the same way as me.

Obviously if he doesn’t move from Ajax this window (And it would be unrealistic to expect almost every player in the Champions League team to depart), that would be disastrous to have another season being ineligible for PB. Again, a risk I’m willing to take.

My final significant purchase this week is TANGUY NDOMBELE. Yet again, he is a player being linked with a transfer away, though the Premier League links are stronger than other leagues (and as we know, the Premier League is currently the place to be for media buzz winners).

I’ll be honest and say I haven’t observed Ndombele much this season, only a bit after he received a rise. But I like what I’ve seen and whilst like Ajax, Lyon won’t sell most of their team this window, he has a good chance of departing.

On top of that unlike Ziyech, Ndombele stays in Ligue 1 if he doesn’t move, a league I’ve always rated for PB wins for the likes of PSG, Lyon and Lille due to the lesser quality opposition dotted elsewhere around the league.

Invested: £5800

Worth: £8054.84