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Posted on 06 May 2019

Hello again! It’s been a rough week as a football and fpl fan, where Ake and Fraser (2 players I took out of my team last week), contributed to a goal against a 9 man Spurs, stuttering their chances of a top 4 finish. (Due to work, I wrote the bulk of this blog on Saturday, since then both Arsenal and United have bottled their chances of a top 4 finish, COYS! With that said, I’m not going to change the ‘stuttering narrative' because there’s still a chance however slim that we may finish outside top 4 on goal difference, you never know)

Similar to Spurs, my FI journey stuttered last week because of my house deposit, but I’m right back on it this week with a £300 deposit, along with a re-jigging of my portfolio, inspired by some transfer rumours.




Both of my sells were based on how much the market sways based on transfer news/rumours. On the one hand, I’ve sold all of my Dembele on the back of the news that Man U were scouting him. Following this news his price rocketed, and I was lucky enough to market sell him at £1.20, at the time of writing he’s now £1.14 so I managed a successful trade out on the back of some big rumours, which flew his price up beyond the rational.

Whilst Dembele would obviously benefit from going to United, I personally don’t see it as a likely transfer, so I’m hoping it’s nothing but rumours and his price will drop for preseason, as I quite like having him in my portfolio as a Lyon player, especially if Lyon’s other attacking assets (Fekir and Depay) move on.

On the other hand, Jovic is an example of knee-jerk trading that I’ve intended to avoid throughout the season. With a few sources reporting that he’s going to Real Madrid, his price plummeted and there were various points where I would look at his price and say ‘’no, no instant selling’’, only for him to drop another 5p - in the end I managed to instant sell before the spread became too big, in the process losing around £38 of profit.

The lesson for me here is to follow through with an initial action and be decisive rather than lull around whilst a player’s price drops. In my opinion Jovic’s price was already too high (especially if a transfer saga does not play out over the summer) and I knew there would be a drop on these Madrid sources.

Despite that, my refusal to instant sell and instead attempt to market sell (hoping that he’d have bottomed out and repeatedly dropping further) resulted in me losing an extra £20 to what I would’ve lost if I’d just decided to instant sell in the first place.

To me this weekend has served as an example of exiting a transfer trade correctly and incorrectly. Once Jovic truly bottoms out (whether he heads to Madrid or stays at Frankfurt), I may consider getting back on him as a PB prospect, though he was more of an MB than PB prospect to start with for me, so he’s a low priority.

With all the deposits and the money from selling players, I’ve strengthened my hold on a few key portfolio holds, including Kane, Rodriguez, and Dele. My reasons for holding each have not changed, I’m just investing more to hopefully reap more benefits from them in the future.

One new addition to the portfolio is Harry Maguire. Maguire is a decent PB hold (has won twice this season), especially at a seemingly resurgent Leicester, about to hit his prime and is an England player, meaning inevitable coverage in the Nations League. The main reason I’m holding him is because of transfer rumours linking him to Manchester.

If he went to United the media would be insane though that’s extremely unlikely. City is the more likely option, but with the amount of quality the team already has, rotation could be an issue. Along with that, the Leicester resurgence is a double-edged sword as it makes it more likely Maguire will stay. Only time will tell, but I’m happy holding onto him into the next season even if nothing occurs during the transfer window.

My other purchase I’ve made is the GOAT, Messi. Throughout the entire season, Messi has raked in PB and MB dividends, much to my annoyance. There have been countless times this season where I’ve owned a player who’s about to win PB or MB, only for Messi to swoop in at the last minute and win the dividends.

He is getting older and the summer may not hold much news for him outside of random articles about him, but if you can’t beat them, join them. It may not be my smartest trade, but FI will be a lot more fun thanks to having him in the portfolio. I’m hoping to keep until halfway through next season (unless he’s somehow rocketed between now and then), and receive all of the dividends he is guaranteed to pick up.

Invested: £5600

Worth: £7758.98