NEW CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE OFFER: SIGN UP AND DEPOSIT £40 OR MORE TO GET £30 CASHBACK!New to the Football Index and want to get involved? Maybe you have heard your friends talking about the fantastic profits they have made and think it's about time you joined in the fun!

Or perhaps you have seen Football Index advertised on TV and are curious about what it's all about but don't know whether to take the plunge.

Whatever your reason for checking out the Football Index on Footy Index Scout, we've got you covered with a fantastic sign up bonus offer for brand new customers!

  1. Fill in the form below with the relevent details and click the submit button.

  2. Complete your registration and create your new account on Football Index.

  3. Make your first deposit. Be sure to make your deposit £40 or more.

  4. Then buy players for your portfolio, making sure to spend £40 or more in total on them. Please note, you must spend £40 or more before selling any players.

  5. When you have done that, we'll track your registration and once everything is confirmed, we'll depost £30 directly into your PayPal account!

Please note that whilst the Football Index also has you covered with a 7 day up to £500 risk free offer, if you decide to cancel your account within that period, you will not be eligible for our cashback offer.

Remember that we are here to help you create a profitable portfolio, so be sure to check out all the resources on offer. We recommend checking out our beginners guide videos on YouTube and having a study of the Buzz winners history. If you're still stuck deciding on who to buy, have a browse at our starter portfolio suggestionswhere there are a number of options to suit any trading style.

Complete the form below and start trading today!

Terms of offer:

  1. Please allow up to 30 days for your cashback to be paid. This allows us to confirm your sign up with Football Index has been approved. Most claims are paid after 15 days.
  2. We reserve the right to deny any claims that we cannot verify as genuine new Football Index signups.
  3. Cashback is only eligible to new customers on the Football Index.
  4. The Cashback offer is only available through using the form above to complete your Football Index registration, deposit and wagering criteria.
  5. Cashback will only be paid if the first deposit and wager made on the account is £40 or more.
  6. You must deposit and wager £40 or more on your first deposit. Subsequent deposits will not be tracked.
  7. You must spend £40 or more before making any player sales.
  8. This offer cannot be used in conjuction with any other offer from Football Index or any other source. This includes the '7 day £500 Risk Free offer'.
  9. The referral code must not be removed or altered when completing your Football Index registration.
  10. Make sure you use a payment card that is not already linked to another Football Index account.
  11. You must deposit and wager within 2 days of signing up to be eligible for cashback.
  12. Please turn off any adblockers and allow cookies, otherwise this may prevent your signup as tracking.
  13. Make sure you use the same device and browser for all stages of the Cashback offer or it will not track.
  14. Your email address will only be used to pay your cashback. It will not be sold or given to any third party.
  15. If there are any issues regarding your cashback claim then this may cause a delay in your claim being paid and we may require further information.

Please double check your email address is correct before pressing submit. For enquiries and further information contact us and we will be happy to assist.