Star Players Allergic To The Buzz

When first starting out on the Football Index, it's an obvious decision to look at star players at big clubs and choose them to invest into. After all, the Buzz can be considered something of a popularity contest in the way that points are awarded to those most in the media.

But we're here to show how that isn't always the case. If we were to throw out a name like Manchester City's Sergio Aguero and ask how many times do you think he has won the Buzz, what would your answer be? 10, 15 maybe 20 times?

As a prolific goalscorer and match winner, it's only natural to think those would turn into a respectable number of Buzz wins. However, the answer is actually two. Yes, that's right Sergio Aguero has won the Buzz just twice in the history of the Football Index. That even includes being the very first Buzz winner back in October 2015.

With this stat in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some other star names who appear to be allergic to winning the Buzz. And from this why you should be diligent in checking out the many stats and resources available before making that all important purchase.

We'll take a look at 5 big name players who have all gone over 365 days since their last Buzz win and have no more than two wins.

Let's take a look in reverse order and start with a team mate of Aguero, John Stones. The City and England player is the second most expensive defender in World football following his £47.5m transfer from Everton last summer.

You would think that a young, English player being purchased for such an extravagant fee by the new City manager Pep Guardiola would have created plenty of news. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Stones signed for Manchester City in August 2016, but as we can see from his Buzz history, his solitary win actually came during his time as an Everton player on April 22 2016 a gap of currently 375 days

Sure, we had the Pogba saga taking over most of last summer and indeed, both players signed on the same day. So we can forgive Stones for not picking up the Buzz that day! But considering the long lead up to him signing and the Guardiola factor, it's something of a surprise he didn't pick one up earlier and also nothing since.

Next up we have the man we have already briefly mentioned. Sergio Aguero's second of his two Buzz wins appeared what is currently 381 days ago on April 16 2016. It seems staggering to think that a player of Aguero's calibre could have such a remarkable drought!

When we consider that Aguero has such a tremendous goal scoring record in the Premier League and has pulled off many a win for City, we have to wonder how and why he cannot win the Buzz!

Everything seems to be in his favour: A great player and one who others are often compared to, playing for a Champions League club and scoring goals. He should be Football Index gold, but yet his media presence is severely lacking.

Whilst we cannot deny owning him 12 months ago would now see you in a nice profit on his sale value, we have to wonder if his high price is down to new investors thinking they are spotting a bargain. But priced in the top 20 around players with a similar price tag such as Ozil, Martial, Neymar and Ronaldo, it's not hard to instantly find better value for your money.

Our third player is yet another Manchester City star, Raheem Sterling. We're starting to see a theme here with City players! As yet another gigantically priced young English player signed by City, Sterling once again flatters to deceive with a single Buzz win to his name. This was currently achieved 427 days ago on March 1 2016.

Considering that Sterling has featured in England matches and several high profile City games, it is something of a surprise to see his woeful Buzz record.

Again, there has been some benefit to investing early into Sterling, however as with Aguero we suspect a lot of this is down to new investors understandably getting drawn into his status. And thus at his current price of around £1.76, there is much better value to be had elsewhere on the market.

Fourth up and we finally get away from Manchester City with Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey. One single Buzz win came on December 13 2015 which is currently 506 days ago.

When you consider that the Gunners have a very impressive record in the Buzz with 73 combined wins between their 13 winners, for Ramsey to only have one is quite startling. Playing a part in Wales' Euro 2016 campaign and even notching a goal, he hasn't been able to convert any further Buzz wins.

Our final player on this list of shame and yes, you guessed it we're back to the blue half of Manchester once again. Kevin De Bruyne has been a huge success at Man City often putting in outstanding displays and winning matches. However when it comes to the Buzz, his one and only win was back on October 22 2015, an eye watering 559 days ago.

Whilst with team mates Aguero and Sterling, we can forgive them for at least providing an increase on investment over the long term, in De Bruyne's case, he's doing the exact opposite. From a fairly recent high price point of 1.97 just a few months ago, he is now steadily slipping backwards. A current price of £1.37 seems to be about his level over the past 12 months.

With no future Buzz wins in sight, we again have to suggest there is much better potential around him on the market.

We should also mention a couple of other names who have also gone for an extended dry spell on the Index, Willian and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Willian has gone almost as long as De Bruyne with currently 546 days since his single win, whilst The Ox has gone 432 days since his only time at the top.

Whilst we would have been adding them to the list of shame, especially at relatively high current prices, we are giving both a free pass as there is mounting transfer speculation on both players for this coming summer. As such, we fully expect both to start adding to their low return so far.

It's an easy mistake to make buying players on the strength of their name and clubs, but it always pays to do a little bit of research first!

Whilst we can never rule out any of these players altering their Buzz records, for now history has shown that despite having a big name, it doesn't guarantee giving you a Buzz dividend return on your investment.

For many more stats like this we urge everyone to head on over to our website and have a dig through the Buzz winners history. It's a great way to spot trends, see who is in form and who might be overpriced for what they deliver.

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