The Premier League So Far: Stand Out Players On Football Index

We're now heading into another International break after a run of 24 Performance days which was only broken once with a Triple Media day due to no players taking part in the small number of matches.

With that in mind, we thought now would be a good time to have a look back at some of the standout performers of the season so far and see how they have delivered the dividend returns on the Football Index.

In defence, after a bright start by Chelsea wingback Marcos Alonso who claimed two wins, there has really only been one name in the frame since then. Manchester City and England central defender John Stones has made the defensive Performance Buzz category his own in recent weeks.

With 5 defensive positional wins since September 9, he's returned a whopping 28p in dividends - second only to Lionel Messi. Not only this, but his wins have come on at least double dividend days meaning he has staved off a high number of challengers for each of his wins.

Stones Stats.jpg

Not only that but his win on September 13 in the Champions League group stage game versus Feyenoord was the highest points total we have seen so far with a gigantic 359 points. Admittedly, his two goals was an undeniable anomaly in this score, but it also shows he's more than capable of notching a few more this season.

But it's passing where Stones has really been cranking out the points. If we look at his recent games, there are some nosebleed inducing high numbers, not least in his passing accuracy of 96%. This is impressive enough but when we look at the number of passes attempted, it's easy to see why his average passing score return is a stunning 80!

If City continue to dominate games in the fashion they currently are, then Stones looks like a key player for both his team and Football Index investors.

In midfield, we continue with the City theme as Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne has tried to keep pace with Stones claiming an impressive 3 out of his 4 positional wins inside the last month. Looking at some key stats during the last 5 games, we can see he's been fairly consistent in notching a goal or assist in all but one game.

But again, it's in the passing areas - and crossing in particular where KDB has burned through the points. With an average of 7 crosses per game, that's 21 points being added to a tally that includes an average number of 74 passes.

De Bruyne Stats.jpg

Despite a slight relative off day versus Shakthar in the Champions League, he's proving to be very consistent in his returns in this currently highly dominant Manchester City side.

On a side note, it's interesting to mention these two players once again in one of our features as the last time we highlighted them was down to their almost comical lack of Media Buzz returns.
This just goes to show what an amazing difference the introduction of Performance Buzz has made to the Football Index in delivering value to an ever increasing number of players.

Finally let's look at the striker category and with a number of Premier League strikers in hot form so far this season, it will be interesting to see who has come out on top. With 3 wins during the 24 day Performance Buzz period, it's none other than Harry Kane who has fought his way to 16p in dividend returns.

Kane Stats.jpg

Combined with 4 Media Buzz wins in the last 30 days, it's fair to say that Kane has been dominant both on the pitch and on the Index! As the focal point of a Spurs attack he's been in prolific form after a traditionally slow August, he's made September his own.

With 9 goals in 5 games and a total of 13 for the month of September - a number matched only by Ronaldo and Messi back in 2010 and 2012 respectively, Kane has been in lethal form. Only blanking in 2 games - one of which was and England game, Kane has found the net 5 times in the Champions League including yet another hat-trick in the game away to APOEL.

It's interesting to see his incredibly low number of passes attempted per game however which indicates Kane's future Performance Buzz wins will rely solely on him finding the back of the net to rack up the points.

It will also be interesting to see if the 4 hotshot Premier League strikers - Kane, Lukaku, Aguero and Morata can keep up the consistent goal scoring pace they have produced so far. Especially after injuries to Aguero and Morata have hampered their progress.

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