Performance Buzz on Football Index News

We've got some Football Index update news for you today and news that we've all been waiting for. Finally, details have been announced about the long rumoured and much anticipated Performance Buzz now due for an introduction onto the Index in time for the new Premier League season.

Let's delve into the finer details and look at how it's already effected the Index along with potential future benefits.


The most important thing to note is that the Performance Buzz (or PB as you will often see it abbreviated on places like Twitter) will deliver numerous winners for each match day.

If we look at the table provided by Football Index, we can see that on match days, we will now have 5 individual winners. Whereas previously, speculation was that there might be one daily winner or perhaps even weekly, this is certainly a pleasant surprise.

Performance Buzz Payouts.jpg

These winners consist of the familiar Media Buzz daily winner along with Performance Buzz winners in the categories of Top Overall Footballer, Top Forward, Top Midfielder and finally Top Defender/Goalkeeper.

As we look down the chart, we can see the dividend payouts are on a sliding scale depending on how many games are being played on each particular day. So for example, on days where there is only 1-4 games being played, the dividends are between 1-2p in each category, along with the 5p Media Buzz dividend.

Meanwhile, on busier or certain high profile cup games such as quarter finals of a European competition, the buzz rockets up to 3p for Top Footballer and 6p for each of the positional categories.

This means that the lowest combined dividend payout would be 12p whilst at the top end it will deliver a huge 26p! Over the course of a year, this equates to an average payout on match days of 18p.

On non match days, the current Triple Media Buzz will take over and give us the exact same tiered payout of 8p, 5p and 2p.

So what does this mean for the Index itself? Well, the part that stands out for us the most is that this system now gives a much more even value to players in any position, with defenders and goalkeepers in particular benefiting.

Whereas before defensive players were almost completely overlooked, bar during the odd transfer rumour, this system now gives them the exact same dividend payout as the best attacking players.

With this in mind, we have already seen a very sharp incline in the prices of defensive players with goalkeepers in particular receiving huge investment. In fact, we don't think we've ever seen a screen quite like this before where all 9 goalkeepers currently on the Index are showing green price increases!

Goalkeepers all in green.jpg

However, this enthusiasm maybe should be tempered a little due to them being combined with defenders, who, with the advent of attacking wingbacks in particular, have seen some deliver great attacking returns.

If we go back to the information provided by Football Index, we can see the various criteria each player will be judged on in their performance, using data provided by Opta. A quick scan of the list shows that most criteria is applied to all players, whilst goalkeepers and defenders have a few specific to them.

When it comes to future planning, the important factor here is Opta stats. This information can be found on a few different websites such as and We particularly like the player rankings on Squawka as they have a specific list for players in the 'top 5' European leagues, making it perfect for Football Index research purposes.

Whilst there is of course no guarantee that a player who performed well last season will repeat it again this, it should give us a good indication of where to focus our investments.

Another plus point to the Performance Buzz is that it potentially protects against players who move away from the Premier League. Take for example Alexis Sanchez, who has been linked with a move to Bayern Munich. If this were to happen under the current Media Buzz structure, it would see his price nose dive. However, with the fall back of Performance Buzz, there's no reason why he wouldn't continue to be a prized asset in Germany.

So there we go, a quick rundown of what we think will be the fantastic Performance Buzz, soon to be introduced on Football Index. What do you think and has it got you excited to invest into a more diverse portfolio? We'd love to hear your thoughts on Twitter or our video on YouTube!

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