Football Index Treble Buzz Dividend News Update and Information

Just a quick news update today, but it's quite an important one.

You may have seen our 'Let's talk about the Football Index Buzz' article a few days ago. In that article we explained how the Football Index Buzz works and the science behind it all.

Now, Football Index have announced a huge and exciting update to the Buzz dividend payout. Since day one of the Index, the Buzz dividend has been limited to 5p per future awarded to the very top points scoring player each day.

Triple announced.jpg

Well, from July 8, that's all about to change! From that date, traders will now be able to win the Buzz dividend on the top 3 placed players. And not only that, but the overall dividend payout has been tripled!

This means that when the new structure comes into place, the player who finishes top will now receive 8 pence per future, an increase of 3p. The second place player will receive 5 pence per future, which is of course the current top payout. And finally, the 3rd placed player will receive 2 pence, which may not be the greatest amount, but will still add up as the days go on.

This equals a potential daily dividend total win of a huge 15p if you own all three players. This should be great news for perennial runner ups such as Harry Kane and could open up a whole new list of players well worth considering adding to your portfolio.

To put this price bonanza into some kind of perspective, Football Index released a stat to illustrate the kind of impact this will have. In their tweet, they point out that during the month of May, Alexis Sanchez won 3 buzzes which equalled a 15p per future payout. Under the new structure with 2nd and 3rd place finishes, he would have delivered a whopping 59p per future return for May!

Sanchez 59p Buzz Cole Tweet.jpg

They also produced another list of players who during May received nothing from the Buzz, but under the new structure would have. These players include players perhaps not normally worth considering, such as Danny Welbeck, Sergio Ramos, Cesc Fabregas, Michael Carrick and James Milner.

That the full list includes 20 players who would now deliver some kind of Buzz return further shows the impact of this new system. Especially as a number of them are players you would hold for regular buzz wins already, such as Zlatan, Neymar, Rooney and Hazard.

Players List Buzz 2nd and 3rd.jpg

There is one final point to keep in mind though and that is this Buzz system update is only temporary... This is because for the start of the new season, Football Index have also announced that the much rumoured Opta related Buzz dividend will be coming into play.

At this point, the treble winners system will then be replaced by the old single 5p daily Buzz winner for media presence alongside the additional Opta performance Buzz.

At the time of writing, details of the Opta stats Buzz and how it will be fully implemented are pretty much non-existent. So it's pure guess work to consider how they will potentially be introduced. However, with traders no doubt getting used to having 3 daily winners by that stage, it's hoped that Football Index will continue to offer a similar rate of returns.

So there we go, just a quick update on the upcoming new Buzz system which we hope you found useful. What are your thoughts on it - will it encourage you to purchase players you wouldn't normally consider, or does it make you want to strengthen the core Buzz winners even more? Let us know with a comment on YouTube or message on Twitter!
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