Football Index Dividend Deadline Update - HUGE NEWS!One of the biggest mistakes new users on the Football Index often fall in to is the rule stating you must own futures for '24 hours' before being eligible to earn dividends. This has tripped up many an unaware early investor into buying a player they were not eligible to earn dividends with until the following day.

Well, as of Wednesday 6 December, that has all changed! With immediate effect, the 24 hour rule has been thrust out of the window and replaced with a much more enticing 2pm daily cut-off.

This now means traders can purchase players on the same day as winning dividends. And the good news keeps coming: You might think that this would only apply to the Performance Buzz dividends, but no - Media Buzz is also included!

This should mean a huge shift in daily trading on the Index, especially on weekends where the main bulk of games take place. Previously, traders would perhaps be distracted by 'regular' betting or fantasy football competitions. Indeed, how many fantasy football managers are guilty of hastily changing their team on a Saturday morning after forgetting to do so in advance?

Under the new rules, it means traders can continue to plan ahead, whilst also taking a few chances on a Saturday or Sunday morning on players who might otherwise be overlooked during the week.

With the increased number of IPO players being added to the squad list and continuing to do so, trading on matchdays should also increase as traders look to take short term investments in players who are only really in with a chance of Performance Buzz returns.

When it comes to Media Buzz, it now allows traders to jump on early news that might otherwise be lost by the following day. And of course, with the 2pm deadline, it also means that the more cautious traders could be tempted to jump on any early clear leaders.

Quite often we see that a player has amassed a healthy lead fairy early in the day. With this in mind, we wouldn't be surprised to see early Media Buzz leaders with a big score see an increased price boost as the deadline approaches.

It's great to see Football Index listening to their customers with this much requested rule change. We see it as a very positive move that should benefit all involved.

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