Everton Top Striker Transfer Targets To Replace Romelu Lukaku

With Romelu Lukaku seemingly set for a return to Stamford Bridge at some point this summer, we are going to take a look at some of the candidates who might replace him at Everton.

With the likelihood of any potential replacements appearing in news articles alongside Lukaku, there is plenty of opportunity to pick up Football Index Buzz points. After the news that Football Index will be paying out dividends on the top 3 buzz players for the foreseeable future this could be a great way to catch some returns on the back of this huge transfer.

So let's take a look at some of the bigger and more familiar names who Everton could be lining up to lead their line next season.

First up is Leicester City’s England forward Jamie Vardy. Vardy’s price has hit lows of 80 pence recently and could be seen as a solid investment at that price even if he stays where he is. Last season he regularly had a stable price above the pound mark.

Lukaku Replacement Vardy

However, with reports he could be Everton’s number one target to replace Lukaku, there is certainly huge potential for the England frontman to pick up buzz points in joint articles. If rumours persist there is no doubt his value will shoot back up to the £1 mark and beyond, and with previous as a buzz magnet he could prove a shrewd investment in the short term.

Another England forward who has also been heavily linked to make a fairytale return to Goodison Park is Wayne Rooney. England's leading marksman burst onto the scene at Everton as a 16 year old where we all remember his goal against Arsenal.

Lukaku Replacement Template Rooney.jpg

Reports suggest Rooney has a decision to make between moving abroad to pastures new, be that China or the MLS – or returning home to the blue side of Mersey side. In a similar vein to Vardy, Rooney has shown his buzz capability in the past and should he decide to stay in the Premier league at Everton there would surely be a lot of interest in his performances.

Rooney is currently priced around the £2.40 mark with the risk being if he decides to leave the Premier League his price could nose dive towards the pound mark and beyond. The potential upside is at Everton where he would surely continue to be the buzz magnet he has been at United, earning investors a steady stream of dividends - yet nearly £2 cheaper than his peak United price.

The final striker on the index who could realistically move to Everton is Michy Batshuayi. The Chelsea striker has been rumoured to be offered as a makeweight in any potential move for his national team mate Lukaku.

Lukaku Replacement Batshuayi

Instead of brokering the deal cash only, Chelsea may offer Batshuayi as a like for like replacement which would certainly be saving the Everton scouts a job!

The Stamford Bridge outfit would likely still value Batshuayi at around £20 million – that's 10 million less than they paid for him this time last year. Valued at £0.75 per future on the index he is the cheapest of the 3 replacements we have looked at.

On the back of this transfer we believe he could move towards the £1 mark offering a similar short term return as Jamie Vardy.

So who would we look to invest in out of these 3 potential replacements? Jamie Vardy offers an investment with little risk along with potential short term growth and long term gains both in terms of price and dividend return should he make the move.

Wayne Rooney has a fair bit of risk attached with an inevitable dump on the cards should he move abroad. However he would certainly rack up the most buzz wins out the 3, both as the transfer unfolded but also throughout the next year for his on the field activities.

Michy Batshuayi is probably the long shot of the 3, however he certainly has a good margin in his price should he leave the Stamford bridge outfit for another Premier League side this summer.

So there we go, 3 potential Everton transfer targets to replace the beast that is Romelu Lukaku. Who do you think Everton are most likely to sign or who would you most like to see wearing Blue next season? Let us know your thoughts with a comment on YouTube or message on Twitter.

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