The Demise of Wayne Rooney on Football Index

It's safe to say the past couple of years have not been kind to Wayne Rooney. His time at Manchester United fizzled out after a frustrating period that saw him shunted around in position and losing his peak levels of form.

The chance to resurrect himself and his career came in the summer with a transfer back to his boyhood club, Everton. However, as we are now seeing for both club and player the dream return has failed pretty darn spectacularly.

With Everton rudderless and suffering one humiliating defeat after another, Rooney has struggled to get minutes on the pitch. This shows just how far his star has fallen that even in a dire straits situation, the current Everton management don't see Rooney as the solution.

Rooney Driving.png

This has seen his stock on the Football Index take a tremendous hammering. So much so, that he's now bordering on losing his place on the top 200 players list and thus with it, his eligibility for Media Buzz returns.

This is quite a turnaround of events for Rooney that mirrors his on pitch situation. To put things into perspective, Rooney is joint second place in all time first place Media Buzz wins with a gigantic 54.

If we add in his 2nd and first place results, he leads the way with a combined 61 Media Buzz dividend payouts.

Rooney Info Banner 54 MB.png

When we add up his dividend returns, he's also second on the all time list with a grand total of £3.10 delivered to his owners. As the first player to reach the £3 milestone, he is now one of only two players to do so having since been overtaken by Neymar - mainly due to the increased dividend payouts.

Price wise, Rooney's value has taken a real beating. From only  6 months ago and reaching a peak value of £3.30, he's now tumbled to a rather feeble £1.11 and just 4pence away from losing his place in the top 200.

Rooney 1 eleven.png

So where now for Wayne Rooney? Looking objectively, there appears very little positive to focus on. He has retired from international duty with England and so any hopes of a summer revival in the World Cup can be ruled out.

There could be a chance of club fortunes turning around with Everton once they get their act together and appoint a full time manager. However, there is no guarantee at all that Rooney will fit into their plans and could still find himself marginalised.

With fitness issues, lack of form and advancing years, could this really be the end of Wayne Rooney both on the pitch and on the Football Index?

Perhaps his only saving grace is that his name still carries clout in the media world. Even with a quickly diminishing reputation, earlier in the season he still managed to pull out 6 Media Buzz wins. Although the last of these was back in mid-September.

Rooney Relegated.png

That said, unless Rooney can find a way to force his way back into the Everton team and help turn around their fortunes, it's sad to say but maybe this is where we say goodbye to a Football Index legend.

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