Antoine Griezmann 6/10 to Join Manchester United in £85m Transfer?

The 2016/17 Premier League season has only just been wrapped up and already we are being hit with potentially the biggest transfer story of the summer.

Antoine Griezmann has openly admitted in a recent interview that he is 60% likely to join Manchester United in what would surely be the most talked about transfer of the entire summer window.

Griezmann was speaking on French TV where he revealed his future will be decided "within the next two weeks". He was then asked about his chances of joining United, to which he answered it was "possible". Pressed further, and asked to give a chance out of 10 on joining, he replied boldly with "6/10".

He did however also add that his chances of staying at Atletico were "7 out of 10", but for a player to be so open about a potential transfer, we have to think that there is plenty of smoke to this fire.

If Greizmann is to make the move to the Premier League, it is heavily suggested that United will be paying the release fee of £85m or €100m. This would fall just short of the £89m or €105m that United paid last summer set the new world record transfer fee for Paul Pogba.

This shows that United are more than willing to offer extravagant amounts in order to secure their targets. And with Griezmann's agent revealing that they have had concrete interest registered from United, it's safe to say he is a wanted man at Old Trafford.

With such a huge amount of money to be invested into the Greizmann transfer, there is sure to be a hailstorm of media attention. This demonstrates why he has had such a tremendous rise to prominence on the Football Index.

And with there being the potential for days, weeks or even months of back page headlines on the agenda, he could be this summer's version of Paul Pogba. Last year, even the arrival of Zlatan was overshadowed by Pogba's return to United and he hoovered up a blistering number of Buzz wins.

This is the key reason why investors have piled into Griezmann so early and means they are relying heavily on him delivering plenty of Buzz returns to repay their faith.Griezmann United Shirt Logo

Whilst this is certainly on the cards, there should be slight doubts over there being a comparative return. With Pogba, we had several factors that played into Football Index traders eager hands:

Firstly there was the world record transfer fee which had the added bonus of temporarily drawing in Real Madrid as rivals for his signature who were eager not lose their status of holding the world record.

Then of course we had the fact Pogba was returning to United after being allowed to leave by Sir Alex Ferguson on a free transfer, which certainly boosted the headlines.

And finally, as we know the transfer was a particularly lengthy one drawn out over long period of time which resulted in nearly daily updates on the saga.

With Griezmann, we will likely have very little if any of these factors. It won't be a new world record nor is there is any history between himself and United. Add to this, if his comments are correct and the transfer could be all but sorted within 2 weeks, it leaves a long time to keep the media's full attention.

After Griezmann's comments that there is a 6 out of 10 chance of him joining United, Football Index investors have piled in buying him. Seeing a sharp rise up to £5.84 he once again sits on top of the pile as the most expensive player.

That is likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future at least until his future is resolved.

We also have the added intrigue of the Europa League final on May 25th between Manchester United and Ajax. With a place in next seasons Champions League at stake, this may prove to be a key factor in Griezmann's decision to trade Spain for England.

Losing the final will probably not scupper their chances of signing Griezmann. This was proven by Pogba last season still being happy to sign despite not having elite European competition to play in. However, winning it would surely further cement United's bargaining position.

If this happens to be the case, then we can surely expect Griezmann's price to receive yet another injection. A price of well over £6 would seem perfectly within reason and there is potential for £6.50 and above as investors scramble to get a piece of the action.

As for Griezmann's price once settled at United, he would probably remain as the Index's most expensive player. But, despite his obvious skills, he doesn't have the same flamboyant personality in comparison to Pogba or Zlatan. This makes it questionable if he has the charisma and media draw to bring in those important non-matchday Buzz wins.

There will certainly be a  high interest in his performances though, especially during the early stages of the season which should ensure a healthy number of Buzz wins. And if Griezmann can fire United back into contention for the Premier League title, then it won't be out of the question for him to pick up 20 or so Buzz wins.

This would make Griezmann not only a sound investment, but an essential one.

So those are our thoughts on the potential for Griezmann to sign on the dotted line for Manchester United and his Football Index future. What do you think - is he nailed on to join after his comments or might there be a further twist in the tale? Let us know with a message on Twitter or comment on YouTube!
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